The story of my great-granparents

Before I started the deep dive into my family’s history, I did not know much about my grandmother Oline’s family. The reason is probably that my grandmother died when my father was barely 6 years old, in 1931. My paternal grandfather, Petter, remarried and the contact with my grandmother’s family died with my grandmother.
Now I have collected the story of Oline, her parents and Oline’s siblings in a small book. Among other things, the story took me to America where my great uncle Karl arrived with 10 dollars in his pocket and 6 years later became the «Northwest Champion» in wrestling.
But the story is also a tale of my great-grandmother Berit’s humiliation, when she became a widow and fell in love, was abandoned by her husband-to-be and the children were taken from her.
The story is written in great admiration of and gratitude to my grandmother Oline who fell so deeply in love with Petter Høve, that the tickets to America were returned.

The postcard Albert sent to his sister Oline on December 15, 1911, during his stay in Wardner, British Columbia in Canada.