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Father's cousin 100 years old!

Laverne Harriet Hanson, born on October 1, 1923, and passed away on April 17, 1992, was from White Earth, Mountrail County, North Dakota.

Laverne was my father’s cousin, the youngest daughter of his uncle, Carl Hanson, who immigrated to America in 1908. Carl had 4 children: Ralph, Harry, Bernice and Laverne.

During World War II, Laverne served as a nurse (2nd lieutenant) in the US Army. Laverne had a daughter named Mary in 1949, whom she raised as a single mother. She resided mainly in Great Falls, Montana.

Laverne succumbed to cancer in 1992 and was laid to rest in Anderson, Indiana, about 50 km northeast of Indianapolis, where her daughter Mary resided.

Read more about Laverne and her family.


Laverne is pictured as a 2nd lieutenant in the US Army

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